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The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!

I’m an alarmist at heart.  If I were to be a cartoon character I would be Chicken Little.   It’s not so much that I think the world is going to end, okay, maybe I do think that there might actually be some kind of natural devastating disaster, or alien invasion or terrorist threat they make good on.  Will you still like me internet, now that you’ve found out I’m a little crazy?

Whenever Dave and I go out of town alone (not very often), I always have a terrible feeling that there will be some kind of apocalypse and we won’t be able to get to the kids for weeks on end.  Because, you know, phones will be out of service, roads blocked.  We’ll have to walk and steal food.  I know crazy and irrational, but totally true.

I’ve told Dave quite a few times we should move to North Dakota and buy some land with water on it.  Then buy some animals (2 goats, 2 cows, 2 sheep, some pigs, some chickens) and plant a huge garden.  And get some solar energy going.  That way if something happens we’ll be self contained.  Really, if something happens, whose going to bother North Dakota.   Seriously, we could like live off the land and never leave the compound (oops, did I say compound?), and homeschool the kids, and be those crazy fundamentalist people (of course without the wife sharing and kool-aid drinking stuff).

I might worry about the totally improbable but I don’t tend to worry about the small stuff.  I am frugal, but heck leave the lights on, burn some fossil fuels.  Jump in the car, I’ll drive you around the corner,  pollute the air and speed up the whole global warming process.  Sure, jump of the swings, a broken leg will heal.  Oops, I forgot to pay the PG&E bill, oh well it’s just money.   Maybe, it’s because I’m an alarmist, why plan for the future if we’re all going to be nuked in a terrorist attack?  Yes, come join me in my tin foil hat over here.

Maybe I’m such a freak because I’m sure that the “end of times” is coming.  I couldn’t read those Left Behind series books because after the first few chapters it was all to convincing and totally in tune with my whole alarmist crazy fears, people disappearing, the world changing.  Scary.

So last night,  we were eating rice with dinner and Dave told me about this whole rice shortage.  I didn’t know, it’s hard to be informed without a television.  I just bought a huge bag of rice at Costco last month.  It’s still really full, but oh my goodness!, I nearly dropped my fork and ran to Costco to buy some rice.  I even thought about dragging Dave to buy some on his card too.  Did you know they were limiting how much rice you can buy?  Honestly, though, the amount of rice we have will probably last us until next year.

It’s a good thing I had Dave to talk me down.  Otherwise, we’d have about 50 pounds of rice sitting next to the bomb shelter in the back yard.  Just kidding, we don’t have a bomb shelter….yet.

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