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Mike actually got to shoot this WWII replica gun and keep the shells.  It was even better than Christmas!

Mike has loved everything military related since about the age of 2.  He gravitates to camo colored clothing.  He loves tanks and jets and army jeeps.  He has a special place in his heart for all types of guns.  We have more little green army men than one house needs, even a house with 4 boys.  Whenever we go to the store and they’re selling cheap plastic army men, Mike begs to buy them.

“But you have a ton of them already!”

“I know.  But this set has a guy kneeling with a bazooka!  I don’t have any kneeling bazooka guys!”

He is constantly playing army, acting out army, talking about the army.

“I want to be like the President of the army.”

“That would be the President.  He’s the commander in chief.  He’s in charge.”

“Well, I don’t want to be the President.  I want to be the head guy in the army.”

“Again, that would be the President”

“Well, maybe I’ll make my own army and be in charge of it.”

“maybe you should think about moving to Northern Idaho then.”

He’s trying very hard to figure out this whole war thing.   This year as we learned about the ever-changing hands of world power before 500 AD.  It’s hard to pick a side sometimes.  Mike constantly asks, who are the good guys? I reply with, “Well they both think they’re the good guys.  Otherwise they wouldn’t be fighting.” Usually, that’s not a good enough answer.  Arbitrarily he’ll pick a side and decide they’re the good guys.  Later, when he finds out he picked the losing side, he jumps ship.

We recently read a book about the Civil War.  He still can’t figure out how we can fight ourselves.  So if America is fighting America, WHO are the GOOD guys? It’s mind-boggling for a 7-year-old.

I know that was a lot of build up for two pictures.

This month we went to two air shows.  Aren’t we lucky.  I’m sure you can imagine nothing more exciting than dragging five children to the airport where you fork over lots of money and then don ear plugs to watch airplanes fly above.  Something we could do for free around the corner sans ear plugs.  What you can’t do around the corner though is have your picture taken with a real live army guy!  It kinda makes the air show worth it.

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I’m not the kind of mom who loves craft projects.  Honestly, I could probably live my whole life without going into the craft section of Walmart or setting foot in a Michael’s craft store.

I abhor glue.  It doesn’t matter how often I say, “Just a dot, Not a lot” There’s always a nice big puddle of glue on the table, on the chairs and on body parts.  There’s so much glue that paper tears and crying ensues and then it takes a full week to dry. Don’t even get me started on glue sticks.

What I hate more than glue is glitter.  I tell the kids to glitter over newspaper so that it can easily be cleaned up.  It doesn’t matter though.  Glitter seems to invade the whole house.  Weeks later I’ll still be sweeping up glitter.  There’s glitter floating in the bathtub. I find glitter in their hair.  It’s like a glittery stripper walked around my house leaving glitter and her dignity behind.  The inside of the vacuum is full of glitter, like a sucked up a fairy and she met a rather gruesome ending among dust bunnies and beads.

I hate paint.  It doesn’t matter how many paint brushes we have out or how well I cover the table with paper, fingers, appendages and the table are always covered with paint.  It somehow always seems to find itself in someone’s hair.

I’m not even going to get started with play-doh.  The inventor of play-doh was definitely not a mother with carpet anywhere in her house.

I stifle creativity.

But I will let my toddlers ride their bikes in the house.  I’ll let them circle from room to room like the Indy 500, complete with sound effects and the occasional collision.  There is no differentiation between indoor and outdoor toys at my house.  For some reason things with wheels seem more fun inside.  I normally might balk at the idea of a scooter in the house but If its an activity that tire them out, I’m all for it!  And if that involves me sitting inside with the a/c on and a large glass of ice tea then I’ll take one for the team.

I’ll take loud noisy bikes over glue any day!

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and that would equal me posting more.  What you didn’t know though was that the loss of our everyday structure seems to have turned my brain into jello.

I’m thankful for a husband who works hard so that I can spend the day in my pajamas and the kids can spend their days in swimsuits.  Technically swimsuits can be considered clothes.  Right? There have been more days this summer than I care to count when at the end of the day I wonder, “What did I do today?”

Yes, everyone was fed, most of those meals I even prepared myself.  And the house isn’t necessarily messy but not what I’d classify as clean. I did do the laundry, but just because someone didn’t have any clean socks this morning. Which my gut reaction was, “It’s summer, who needs shoes anyways!”  or “that’s what flip-flops were made for!” but the crying and whining convinced me it was easier to do laundry than convince someone to where flip-flops.

I successfully avoided the grocery store yet again.  I’m not sure if that could be classified as an accomplishment though.  Does not doing something, classify itself as doing something?  If so, than I successfully avoided my treadmill yet again.  Yeah for laziness and saving energy!  We’ve watched more netflix this month than the whole year combined.  I’m sure that because of us, Netflix is reconsidering their direct streaming video option. I was actually able to start and finish a book in one day (more than once).

Then I wonder, what exactly is my job?  All of those seem like my job, (well except for the netflix movies and reading).  It seems like enough to fill up a  day.  It seems like enough to feel a sense of accomplishment, but somehow it isn’t.  Somehow when my husband asks at the end of the day, “what did you do today?”  It feels a little bit like nothing.  Like there is so much that could have been done, and wasn’t.

I could have at least started weeding.  I could have made our front yard look more like a yard than a piece of land nature is slowly trying to reclaim.  I could have worked on our business (or at least pretended to).  I could have finally gotten around to making and hanging curtains.  I could have taken something off of my list of 31 and started something.  Anything.

Alas, the June Hiatus is over.  I’m back!  I haven’t quite decided what I hope to accomplish this month, but it will be something!  I know you’ve heard it before but, I’m back.

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