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I’m just going to write like I’ve been doing this all along.  Honestly, I’d abandon the whole vacation blogging because I find it rather boring.  There isn’t much to say about an amusement park vacation.  We came, we saw, we stood in line, we screamed,  we walked, they (the kids) complained, we forked over a small fortune in food and souvenirs, we went back to the hotel.  Repeat.  But I have more interesting things to blog about.  I have birthdays and funny anecdotes and surly teenagers, and dirty toilets.  So the vacation blogging will continue until I finish it (or we go on vacation again, at which point I’ll abandon this one forever).

Notice the crane in the photo.  We could call this visit “Disney’s year of construction”.  It seemed everywhere we went something was closed for construction.  I’m kind of glad for it too, it needs some sprucing.  My expectations for Disneyworld were rather high.  I expected it to be newer, shinier, more sparkly than Disneyland.  I expected it to be the same but different, but instead it was the same but not so different.

The highlights of the day:

Mike bought an autograph book.  This would start the obsessive hunt for all Disney characters.

Once the characters were located we were then forced to stand in line for hugs, autographs and pictures (pictures of which no one seems to be looking at the camera together).

We worked our way around the park, character by character, ride by ride.  We left nothing unriden, except for Splash Mountain which was broken and the train that stopped running at the ridiculous hour of 6 pm.  The only characters that we were not interested in finding were the princesses.  With a gaggle of boys, no one is very partial to anyone with royal heritage.  I tried convincing McKayla to stand up for girls everywhere and demand to take a picture with Cinderella.  I even offered to buy her a princess costume and pay to have her princefied.  She was uninterested.

I can only hope that in *twenty years* (when my children *start* to have children) I will have more granddaughters than I can count. It’s one of the many things I pray for when I pray for my children’s spouses.  “Dear Lord, please protect Mikey’s future wife. Keep her safe, lead her in your ways, help her Mom to be a good influence of a Godly wife and mother, lead her father in Your ways, help him to be a good example of a husband, protect her Lord and make her biology conducive to baby girls.  Oh and bless them with many babies!”

This is what I look forward to, grand daughters.  Disneyworld with a little girl will be a completely different experience, it’s probably the only thing that will ever get me to go back.

Higlight 2:  The car ride.  Hands down, my favorite part of the day.  Nathaniel took his driving rather serious but because he couldn’t see over the dash he had to drive with his head hanging out the side. I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so much.

Highlight 3:  Meeting the Mouses the Mice.  The Mice had the loooongest wait by far.  We waited a good hour for them and there were only a dozen people inside.  I finally flagged down the person in charge of guarding the line and asked if Mikey Mouse was telling everyone their whole life story.  She then proceeded to tell me that the people ahead of me waited in line patiently.

Me:  I’m just saying that the group that’s inside right now, has been inside for 15 minutes.

Her:  No they haven’t.

Me:  We’ve watched the same 5 minute loop of classic steam boat willy cartoons 3 times.  Honestly, if Walt intended us to wait this long, he’d have made the loop longer.

Her:  I’m sure they haven’t been in there that long.

Me:  Don’t worry, I’ll time the next group and we can average it on the other side.

Suddenly the line started moving a whole lot faster.  When it was our turn part of me wanted to have each of the kids take pictures with each Mouse individually and then see how many combinations they’d let me do before asking us to leave.  The more polite part of me though, just lumped them all together and told them to smile. 

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