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Happy Valentine’s Day

To the man that may be just about perfect,

There are very few people that I think are quite as lucky and blessed as I am. 

You may not be completely perfect, but you complete me.  There are some days when I’m not one hundred percent sure if you’ll make it through the day before I throttle you with rolling pin.  More likely though, those are on the days when I expect you to read my mind, anticipate all of my needs, and serve me a never ending supply of chocolate and wine. 

You may have tricked me with your amazing gift giving prowess in our dating years.  The hand carved photo frame, the surprise vacations away, the scrapbook of our first year together complete with love letters, ticket stubs and memorabillia, may have fooled me into expecting amazing gifts on every holiday, including Ceaser Chavez day.  The day we married gave way to plastic dolphins, wine corkers and hand sanitizer.  Yet, I wouldn’t trade 50 more years of crappy gift giving. Every day, you give me the most perfect gift of your love. 

You love my children as if they were your own.  Never once have you made anyone feel unloved or as if they didn’t belong. In our first year of marriage, you went from zero to five kids.  The birth of our twins did not eradicate or minimize your love for the other three.  I know how rare this is.  I am daily awed by your amazing ability to remain patient and calm with a sullen and sour teen, or a complaining and fit throwing boy.  I appreciate the sacrifices you make to attend as many baseball, soccer, softball, and volleyball games, to go to every cub scout and boyscout meetings as possible or to sit at the table for hours and explain the same algebra concept over and over. On the hardest days, the days that I am ready to drop a teenager or a nine-year-old off at the fire station, you gallantly come rescue them and me with your patience and love. Yet, I do not find the greatest testimony of your love in these things.  The greatest testimony is that no one ever doubts that these are all your children.  People are shocked to find out that you are not biologically all of our children’s father.  There are not enough words to tell you how much I appreciate this.

You are a wonderful father.  I am grateful to have you as a parenting partner.  We may not always see eye to eye, but we make a good team. The example which our boys will refer to is one that will form them into amazing men.  They will be Godly men, good providers, loving husbands, present and active fathers.  They will be slow to anger and quick to laugh.  They will be fair, honest, trustworthy and loyal.  They will be gracious and demonstrative with their love. The legacy which you are leaving will trickle down into our grandchildren. When our daughter chooses a husband she will have a hard time finding a man worthy of the example which you have laid before her.

On the days when I definetly am not deserving of your love, you still graciously outpour it.  The days where there is more sulking, complaining, pouting and passive agressive behaviour than anyone should have to endure, you react with love.  If you kept a tally, I’m pretty sure I’d have to repay you with breakfast in bed, back rubs, and some other things that start with ‘b’, for the next 80 years to even come close.  But you don’t.  You react with love, you are gracious with your forgiveness, and you do not hold a grudge.  I am forever thankful to God, for blessing me with a man that daily exemplifies the complete love of Christ to his family. 

Thank you for loving me, for reacting with love even when I don’t.  Thank you for moving me somewhere beautiful and then filling all the gaps and holes which were left from being far from my friends and family. I am so appreciative to be married to a man whom I am so equally yoked with.  You challenge me, entertain me, make me laugh, uplift me, help and encourage me. You are my very best friend. 

I love you very, very, much!  Even though I’m expecting dinner at Chipotle and a pair of socks, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!





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