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Finally, finally, finally, It looks like Marshall is starting to enjoy boyscouts.  He was never a huge fan of cubscouts and I’m pretty sure he would quite boyscouts at any moment if we let him.  He’s not a huge fan of the outdoors or the water or bugs or animals or pretty much anything else that scouts do.

Recently though he’s let it slip that he is enjoying scouts more and more.

This week as he was getting ready to go to scout camp:

Marshall: “I think I’m going to sign up for every hiking trip this year.  I really like backpacking.”

Me (what I thought about saying):  What the heck are you talking about?!!??  Who are you and what have you done with my kid.

Me (what I really said):  That sounds like fun.


Me:  Are you going to be able to fit all of this stuff in your pack?

Marshall:  Ya.

Me:  Where are your clothes?

Marshall:  I don’t need any.  I’m gonna wear this. (motions to the clothes he’s wearing).

Me:  You know you’re going to be gone for a week.  That’s 7 days.

Marshall:  Okay.  I’ll bring a pair of underwear.

Me:  I am so glad I’m not going on this trip!


Me:  Do you have everything on the list (the two page list front and back which is supposed to fit inside a 60L backpack)

Marshall: I have everythign I need.  It says toilet paper, but I don’t need toilet paper.

Me:  I’m so glad I’m not going on this trip!


Marshall and I went to 5 thrift stores before 11AM looking for an extra pair of boyscout pants (because they cost $45) and a new scout shirt (because they cost $40) and a pair of water shoes (because Marshall will never wear them after this week).

We ended up finding a pair of pants $4, a brand new scout shirt $6, water shoes $5, a 1953 edition of a BSA scout book and a 1953 edition of the Patrol Leader’s handbook $6, another $10 of books (because how can you not resist a new-to-you book), an ice cream maker ball $4, an emergency whistle $1, a snazzy pair of orange crocs in Marshall’s size $4, and 2 dresses (for me) $10.

Me:  So which shoes are you taking?

Marshall:  Well, I was thinking about taking the water shoes because of the lake.  But I don’t like water shoes, so I was thinking of bringing the crocs because I like them and I could wear them to the shower.  And my hiking boots.  And maybe just my tennis shoes.

Me:  No clothes but 4 pairs of shoes…

Marshall:  Ya, I think I’d get laughed at if I bring four pairs of shoes.

Me:  I’m so glad I’m not going on this trip!


McKayla (to Dave):  Do you get cell service at the camp?

Dave:  I don’t know.  I’m guessing not.

McKayla:  What are you going to do there!!!

Dave:  Um, camp stuff.

McKayla:  I am so glad I’m not going!

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