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photo circa 2010

During a drive to an All Star game, Marshall learned an incredibly fun car game.  He then brought said car game into my car.

The rules are easy, if you see a yellow car, you scream “CHICKEN!”.

They are so easy, that you don’t even have to explain the rules, you just start playing.

Driving down the road in the middle of Seattle.

Marshall:  CHICKEN!!!!

Me:  Where?  I don’t see a chicken.

Marshall:  It’s a game.  If you see a yellow car you say Chicken.  I have one point.

(a cacophony of “chicken”, “chicken”, “chicken” starts from the back seat.)

Marshall:  No, I already got that one.  Find your own.

What I have learned from this game:

My family is creative.

Dave:  Duck!  Yellow boat!

Marshall: Rooster!  Construction vehicles!

Dave:  Chick!  Mini Cooper!

My children are creative with rules.

Marshall:  CHICKEN!!!

Me:  That car is not yellow, it’s beige.

Marshall:  It’s kind of yellow.

Me:  No, it’s not even close.

My children will argue to the death about whose chicken it is.

Mike:  CHICKEN!!!

Nate:  CHICKEN!!!

Mike:  I saw it first!

Nate:  No, I saw it first, you just said it faster.

bicker, bicker, bicker.

Me:  We are now playing the quiet game.  On your mark, set, GO!

My children don’t hesitate to find an advantage.


everyone:  What??

Jake:  That’s what you call the black cars.  I’m not looking for yellow cars.  The Angel of Darkness beats a chicken.  I’m winning.

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