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When I had the younger two alone last week, we did all of the fun things that the older kids would have scoffed and complained at.

We listened to nonstop children’s music in the car.  Another generation has been reintroduced to Mary Rice Hopkins and Ella Jenkins.

We made cookies and cake.  We also had lots of  kid friendly food.  They really wanted Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.  It turns out that they don’t like Kraft Mac and Cheese.

Nate:  Why is this so yellow?

Jake:  I think I like your macaroni and cheese better.

Score 1 for mom!

We went places that the older kids wouldn’t have enjoyed.  Like Chuck e Cheese.  I guess I have never taken them before.  It wasincredibly fun.  We started with all of the rides until they noticed that some of the machines gave TICKETS!!! which can be exchanged for PRIZES!!!!  It was then on the hunt for lots and lots of tickets.  It turns out that $20 worth of tokens will get you a ring, two smarties candies, 4 stickers and a whistle.  We also went to the kids museum, the park and the library multiple times and even the movies.

Jacob has been wanting to excavate dinosaur bones.  I decided to make an excavation for the hot weather.  It was terribly, terribly, terribly hot.  We gathered lots of toys that wouldn’t be damaged by water.  We put them in a pan and filled it with water.  We then put it in the freezer.  We did it right before bed so that it wouldn’t be tempting to check on every 5 minutes.  Of course, we had to check on it about a 100 times before bed and then again about 50 times before breakfast.

What I love about this project is the ideas that they came up with in order to free their toys. science

For a good 5 minutes they just observed the giant ice block.  They felt all the pieces sticking up out of the ice and were looking for all the action figures under the surface, encapsulated in ice.  When they tried to get the giant ice cube out of the pan they couldn’t.  They flipped it over and sat on it.  (which was a little hilarious).  I wish I would have gotten a picture of them laughing because their hinies were so cold.  Eventually it popped out.

Giant ice cube

We went through the kitchen drawers looking for excavation tools.  After we were armed they went to work.

It turns out the ice did more damage to my kitchen tools than the tools did to it.

excavation None of these tools are as sharp as they appear in this photo.  I promise Nathaniel’s not wielding a knife.

We  brainstormed how to get the toys out.

They decided that what would be best is to melt the ice.

They chased the sun around the yard for quite awhile hacking away at it with the tools.  That didn’t make too much progress.  They tried dropping  the block a few times.

chasing the sun

I love how Frank came to see what the kids were doing.   Finally, they decided to break out the hose.  The toys were freed in a matter of minutes!  The hose is always a blast in the hands of a five-year-old.


I think I’ll freeze a few toys in the freezer to pop in the bathtub or wading pool on a hot day.   I think even the big kids will like a chilling surprise.  Even if they don’t, I’ll find it hilarious.

It was rather a fun week.

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