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I was informed by my teenager that my blog was highly inappropriate and I should cease and desist these shenanigans because people she knows read my blog.

At first I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about.   I thought maybe she was referring to this post or maybe this one. (because when I think of embarrassing, those are the two that immediately to the forefront of my mind).  Yet all of those things happened long ago.  I can’t imagine a teenager reading through years of blog posts on this mundane blog in order to find some good dirt on my girl.  Especially since I don’t really blog about her.  I’m trying hard to respect her privacy and encourage trust.

Me:  What are you talking about?

Her:  Your magic? The family planning aisle?  Sheesh!  Teenagers are reading this!  Inappropriate!

So I guess the inappropriateness was a few weeks ago when I blogged about things like library fines, becoming vagabonds, buying condoms, and watching movies with the kids.

Me:  So, my blog isn’t really geared towards teenagers.  I advertise on my facebook to my friends who are all adults.  Remember, I don’t friend minors for this exact reason.

Her:  You do know your blog is public.  It is incredibly easy to find!  I can just search for your name and find it!  (turns out if you search for my name on google, I pop up number 6, but it’s not my blog it’s my pinterest account. Number 6 though, I’m freaking famous!)

Me:  I’m rather flattered that teenagers are searching for me on the internet!  Do you think I should start blogging about things that interest teens.  How about things like “100 reasons texting is better than making a phone call”  or maybe “Justin Beiber, he’s so cute!” or…

Her:  Mom!

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