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Out of the blue in the car:
Jake:  We should get a pig.

Me:  What would we do with him?

Jake:  Your choices are: We could ride him, or we could use him as a sofa, or have him for dinner.

(personally, I’ve always wanted a pig sofa.  NOT.)

Dave: Would he come sit at the table with us.  Generally speaking, your mom doesn’t allow animals at the table.

Jake:  No, we’d get the meat out of him.  Yum!!!

Me:  Where would we put him?

Jake:  Under a tree, with a stone on top of it.  And a cross.  He’d need a cross.

(Yes, I was thinking pig pen.  He was thinking grave yard.  Angel of darkness, pig graveyard, maybe I should be worried…)

Me:  No, where would he live when he was alive?

Jake:  I don’t know.  It doesn’t really matter, we’re just going to eat him.  Maybe the chickens would like to share their home with him.


Nate:  listen to me whistle.

Dave:  That’s a nice whistle.  Maybe you could practice until you are very good and then you could whistle while you work.

Nate thinks for a moment:  No, I think not.


Me:  Jake!  Get down!  My couch is NOT a jungle gym.

Jake (dejectedly):  I wish it was.

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