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I am always up for a phone survey.  One day, I’m going to luck out and get in on a gallop poll or somehow get one of those tv boxes for the Nielson surveys.  Not that we watch Network tv, or have cable, or even bunny ears for that matter.   Boy would that screw with their data!

Once, we were out and someone from our local county parks and rec wanted to do a survey about how they could accommodate us better.  I couldn’t think of anything concrete.  Dave jumped in with sidewalks near the local lake so that it would make pedestrian access less life threatening.  Low and behold they put in sidewalks this past summer.  Admittedly, they were just at the corners, but I hold out hope that next year they might extend them a little bit farther and eventually, we might be able to walk to the lake without worrying about being hit by a car.  I don’t know what it is about that 4″ off the ground, that makes me feel safer, but it sure does!

Since we moved here I have gotten a weekly, sometimes twice a week call from a company doing surveys about radio listening.

Me:  Sure!  I’ll take your survey. 

Her:  Please tell me the top five radio stations you listen to.

Me:  Spirit 105.3.

Her:  And…

Me:  That’s it.  We only listen to Christian Radio in the car.  I would totally list another radio station if we had ANY OTHER choice for a Christian Radio station.  Can you put that on your survey?  I’d like more Christian Radio stations.

Her:  Are their any other radio listeners in your house? 

Me:  There are, but they are all subjugated to listen to what I choose.  I would much rather my kids be singing worship music throughout the day rather than “Baby, Baby, Baby” by Justin Beiber.  (not that this happens, but I can hold out hope.  I don’t even know how my kids know Justin Beiber!   What with us not having a tv, only listening to Christian radio and homeschooling.  Obviously, the sheltered lifestyle is not working very well)

and I take the dumb survey every week, sometimes twice a week because my voice is being heard and I’m holding out hope that whoever is paying for this survey will see a need for another Christian radio station.

Me:  Sure, I’ll take your survey.  Do you know that  you call me every week?  sometimes twice a week?  I think your data may be skewed if you keep calling the same people week after week.

Her:  I just call the numbers they give me.

Me:  Let’s do this!

I think the surveyors and the telemarketers may have gotten wise to me though.  Last week, I received a radio survey again.  I happily volunteered.

Her:  What radio stations do you listen to?

Me:  105.3

Her:  have you ever listened to xxx.x?

Me:  No.

Her:  How likely would you be to listen to xxx.x, the new hip hop station with fun and popular djs?

Me:  Not likely.

Her:  I’m sorry you haven’t heard of xxx.x.  How likely would you be to tune in to xxx.x if you knew they were providing great and exciting contests? 

Me:  Not likely.

And it went on, like a great big infomercial.  I felt rather used at the end of the conversation.  Well played advertising agency, well played.

I’ve been a little bit more wary taking surveys because I’m not a fan of gorilla tactics.  Fast forward to yesterday.  I was super excited to be part of a political poll.  Not that I’m very political, but I figure it would up my chances of being part of a gallop poll.  I know that’s not really how it works, but a girl’s gotta have hope.

Her: How are you officially registered to vote?  She then went through the list.

Me:  Republican

Her:  hmmm (all judgy).  Would you consider yourself a conservative Republican or a liberal republican.

Me:  Conservative, I guess.

Her:  hmmm (all judgy)

Me:  Aren’t you supposed to be non partial?

Her:  I’m sorry?

Me:  Aren’t you supposed to not have an opinion?  Just ask me the questions in an unbiased way?

She then moved right along continuing to ask questions with me becoming more wary and skeptical all along the way.

Her:  In the continuing months we will be hearing lots of negative things about the presidential candidates.  I’m going to read you a serious of statements about Mitt Romney and I’d like you to tell me how you would react favorably or unfavorably.

Me:  I’m sorry, which polling agency are you from?

Her:  Opinions

Me:  Who is this survey funded by?

Her:  I’m not at liberty to say.

Me:  Then I’m not at liberty to finish this survey.

Her:  We are almost done.

Me:  I am done.  I don’t want to hear your propaganda disguised as a survey.

Her:  We only have a few more questions.

Me:  I’m sorry, I’m not participating.

Her:  It’s important information.

Me:  AHA!!!  I knew it.  Surveys aren’t about giving information but gathering information.  If you are trying to give me information, you shouldn’t have pretended you wanted my opinion.

And this is where I hung up.

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