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They are home!  They are home!

Of course I didn’t realize how noisy they were until they left and then came back!

I’m pretty sure that I didn’t miss them a fraction as much as nate and jake missed them.

Trying to soak up every single bit of sun and warmth before winter sets in, I made the kids play outside until dinner.  How can I compete with these expert fort builders.

First Mike decided that he didn’t only need a fort, but he also needed a pvc support structure.  He went into the garage and dismantled the ridiculous  amount of marshmallow guns that we own.  It was rather comical watching them try to figure out how to make the fort.  First he made Nate and Jake hold everything up.

Nate:  This isn’t very fun.  I don’t get to play in it?  I just have to hold it?

Mike:  Be quite!  Hold it higher!fort building

Me:  Maybe instead of trying to balance the pvc pipes, you actually make a structure.

Mike:  What a great idea!

Me:  That’s why I’m the mom.   Wait!  Let me show you what I made while you were gone!

(and I went to go find my awesome tent)

Me:  Maybe you guys could go hang it on that rope in the driveway.

Marshall:  I don’t want to sit on the driveway.  (he starts looking all around for places to hang it.)

He spies a small hook above the front door.

Marshall:  I’m gonna hang it from there.

Me:  How?  We don’t even have a ladder that large.

Marshall:  Don’t worry.  It’s easier than you think.

He then proceeded to cannibalize Mike’s fort’s pvc pipes.  He tied a small rope to the end of the pipes and proceeded to attempt to hook the rope.  It was like reverse fishing.  extreme fort building

After a few minutes of trying unsuccessfully, he went back to the drawing board.  He went and got the binoculars, observed the hook from every angle.

extreme fort building

He added and subtracted some pvc pieces until he was satisfied with his new fishing pole and then amazingly, hooked it right away.
He hadn’t really gotten past the part of attaching the rope to the hook.  A good 15 minutes was spent trying to get the tent up.  fort building amazingness
After much kibitzing, a ladder was finally employed and the tent was raised.

Best brothers ever! We’re so glad they are home!


Of course, we couldn’t take down the tent after such hard fought efforts to put it up.  When I opened the door tonight to pick up Mckayla from youth group (because when your a teenager your social calendar doesn’t take a breather for silly things like first nights home and your mom has missed you like crazy), I nearly had a heart attack when there was this 10 foot tall blue thing in front of me.  For a second I thought I was under attack by a giant wearing a sky blue dress.  it was terrifying.  Needless to say, I won’t be using the front door anytime in the foreseeable future.

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