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Having a teen isn’t always fun.  Sometimes you want to beat your head against a brick wall and then crawl into a deep whole.  Then sometimes they say things that knock your socks off.  Either they are incredibly insightful, sensitive and sweet or they are hilariously funny.


Having a teenager isn’t half bad.

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It’s been one of those days.  Here are a few of the annoying things that I have encountered today.

Please turn off the sound on your kids games.  No one wants to hear the sound on your kid’s electronic games.  I understand how incredibly awesome the invention of the Nintendo DS and the whole line of hand held apple products are.  They have completely changed the misery of waiting.  No longer do we have to entertain our kids while we wait at the doctor’s office, in line at the post office, in the car, pretty much everywhere.  No longer do we have to teach our kids to entertain themselves while they must wait.  Revolutionary!  Yet, though they may not be bugging YOU by requiring your attention, they are most assuredly bothering everyone else with their video game sound track.  Amazingly some of us are trying to hold a conversation with our kids and we find all of the noise a distraction.

Please lead by example and put your phone away while engaging in a conversation.  We are all guilty of texting and talking.  Sometimes the texts I get are hilarious and I might share with you.  Sometimes they are hilariously inappropriate and I don’t share.  But I try hard to not answer my phone unless it’s important.  Because when I’m out with you, I want you to know how much I enjoy your company.  When you’re out with me, I don’t want to feel like that text is more entertaining than me (yes, my ego is fragile about this whole thing).  If your kids see you texting all the time, they’ll think this is appropriate behavior and kids are always ready to take a mile when you give them a centimeter.

Please for the love of God, teach your kids how to use the regular house phone!  I can not tell you the amount of teenagers who do not have proper phone etiquette.  This may be why we don’t get very many phone calls here because I give little phone lessons every time someone calls. (Also, feel free to give my kids a lesson if they fail at this too.  It’s also okay to laugh hysterically at them, tell them to try again, and hang up on them. I’m all for tough love.)

Caller:  (silence)

Me:  Hello

Caller:  Hello

Me:  Hello

Caller:  Hi

Me:  Did you want to speak with someone?

Caller:  Ya.  Is McKayla there?

Me:  Yes, she is.  It is polite when someone calls for the caller to say Hello, and then request who they’d like to talk to.  For example When I pick up the phone you should say, “Hi, This is so and so, may I please speak with Mckayla.”  and then I will say “yes, she is here” and you will say “Thank you”. 

This is when they just sit there in silence.

Me:  May I ask who is calling?

This is when they are flabbergasted and wonder if they should give their real name or not.  

Caller:  This is umm, umm, Caller?

Me:  Are you sure? 

So what’s your biggest parenting pet peeve?

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